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Bridget Tinniswood

Bridget grew up in a loving family and was educated on the East Rand. She excelled in dramatic arts and public speaking. She holds a B.A. (Rhodes), B.A. Hons. and H.Dip.Ed. (R.A.U.), and M.Ed. (Wits) and is currently studying for her B.Th. In 1994, she won the Top Student for Curriculum Studies and the Student Council Prize for English Didactics. She taught at all levels for sixteen years, ending that career in 2012 as Headmistress of the Preparatory School at Bishop Bavin, Bedfordview. She has lectured, written for various platforms, tutored, run workshops and retreats, consulted and presented at various levels and conferences.

She has had a life-long passion for the words and life of Jesus, inspiring her to deeper faith and drawing her to preaching, teaching and leading worship. She has been involved in leading worship for over 30 years and has been a gospel recording artist since 2001. Her calling to work closely with children to develop their spirituality led her to take up her career as Children’s Pastor from 2012 to 2014 at Bryanston Methodist and from 2014 to 2021 Edenvale Methodist Church.

Her life has been inspired and blessed through many wonderful people – family, friends, and children. She is head-over-heels in love with her partner & music producer, Douglas Hook, who fills life with love, music, laughter and excellent conversation. Douglas has had over 40 years of success in his own right in the music recording industry and as a performer. Douglas recorded and produced all Bridget’s albums: Morning Star, Arms of Grace, Yes and Journey. Their fifth creative collaboration, Fire, is currently in the creative pipeline. Bridget has a passion for dachshunds and enjoyed the love and company of her Daisy for over 15 years.

Douglas Hook

Douglas grew up in Durban, South Africa, in a talented, musical family. He has been extensively involved in music all his life. He is a gifted guitarist, singer, arranger and producer. He left South Africa at the age of 21 to study television production in the UK. He was already writing, performing and recording, which eventually led to a collaboration with Terry Dempsey, producing a number of solid tracks, one reaching gold status – Down the Mississippi. Douglas traveled the UK and USA as a musician for 20 years, eventually returning to Johannesburg, South Africa, setting up his own studio – Hook Sound. His style of music – and in general – is friendly and open, with a wide repertoire from Christopher Cross, Jackson Browne, Bread, John Denver, the Eagles, James Taylor and many others. He has a vast knowledge of electronics and music equipment. Douglas is passionate about supporting new musicians and helping them record and sustain their creativity. Douglas also has vast experience and expertise in audio consulting and setup.

Doug’s 90s album Love’s Gonna Find You
Doug the dashing young man, recording in the 70s
Doug Faraday – Doug’s name as an artist – toured the UK and USA as a musician for 20 years
Doug in his studio – Hook Sound

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