About Morning Star

Morning Star was Doug and Bridget’s first collaborative album. Bridget’s parents had always encouraged her to record, but it wasn’t until her Dad, Norman, met Douglas, that he began urging her more earnestly. Bridget met Doug in his Hook Sound Studio one night in April of 2001. She played him a few of her compositions and he was enthusiastic about helping her produce a demo. Work began immediately – then still working on 1/4 inch tape! The Lord’s Prayer was the first song produced in May 2001, then Morning Star in the June and Heartbeat of Love in the July. The thrill of the recording bug had bitten – and by the August, Bridget and Doug were talking about producing a complete album. Morning Star was released on the 8th of June 2002 and was a dream come true and a great success. Janet Tinniswood Campbell, Bridget’s sister, designed the CD cover.

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Bridget’s Dad – Norman Tinniswood

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