Becoming Aware of Our Bodies in the Presence of God

This is the first meditation of a 12 Week Path of Worship

Beloved of God, as we enter worship, it is important that we become aware of our bodies in the presence of God. The human body is beautifully designed to help us experience God. All of our senses can be engaged as we enter worship.

Let us take time to breathe in and listen as the air enters our bodies. This is the gift of God’s life-giving Spirit. Let us become aware of the position of our hands and feet: open our hands towards the Lord; feel our feet resting on God’s Earth. Let us listen to the sounds around us; and allow our eyes to alight on something beautiful. We are welcome here. We belong here in God’s eternal presence. As we feel the support of the chair beneath us, holding us; let us take comfort that this is like the love of God supporting us, carrying us, lifting us.

Our bodies are precious to God. God is completely aware of our bodies – every hair on our head; every single cell; everything we have ever done, or had done to us. Everything we go through happens in and to our bodies. God comes seeking us with absolute love and longing for our full healing. Let us allow our bodies to rest in this awareness. Let us listen to our bodies in the presence of God and lift them to God. We recollect the wonderful things we have accomplished with our bodies. Where we are tired, or not feeling well; we allow God to touch the places where we feel anxious, hungry, thirsty, limited or uncomfortable. Let us rest in the awareness that God is our companion and healer. We remember with marvellous awe that God lives in and through our bodies – we are temples of the Holy Spirit, redeemed at great price.

In God’s presence, as we worship, we remember that we are also bodies amongst other bodies – surrounded by other living things that are deeply loved by God; who bear the image of God. Let us be thankful for God’s life within each created thing. Let us ask God to fill us with compassion, patience and care for all the living things around us. In this place of worship, in this moment, we lift all those who suffer bodily into the healing presence of God.

As we become increasingly aware of our bodies in the presence of God, let us marvel at this profound mystery: God became flesh and lived as one of us, amongst us. God’s body-language is Jesus; one who walks with us, teaches us, shares our suffering, heals our infirmities; one who offered his own body to bring us life. Body of Christ, feed us; blood of Christ fill us with your righteousness and passion. We thank you Jesus, that even if our hearts or flesh may fail, your grace makes it possible for us live in your eternal presence. May we consciously be your body in the world today – physically active in your name to bring your life and your healing to the world.

And so Lord, as we enter worship, we offer our bodies to you.
May all we do in our bodies glorify and magnify you.
With our bodies, we worship you.

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