A Fox or a Beast

For those on the journey of discernment, I wrote this for Mogomotsi Diutlwileng, in July 2018. There are things in our lives that are either foxes or bulls – in order to bring them under control, we need to discern whether we need to eliminate or subdue them. This is not an easy task. One needs the sure guidance and stillness of the Holy Spirit. Bless you all as you seek your answers …

“Take time to think, time to pray, time to be still;
Only this helps the mind unravel.
One cannot free the writhing fox, nor yoke the bucking bull;
No – only stillness defeats a thrashing devil.
Only calm frees the little fox paw,
Caught in the teeth of the iron jaw;
Only submission helps the yoke rest easy;
Yes, only stillness helps one truly see –
Either that devil is a fox or a beast –
One must be yoked, the other released.”

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