Lockdown Light

BRAND NEW SINGLE – “Lockdown Light”. Douglas and Bridget are very, very excited to share with you a new song called “Lockdown Light”. We wanted to share something that would express our thanks to so many people who have been amazingly inspirational during this period, who have touched our hearts and reminded us of God’s love. We want to encourage everyone in this lockdown to listen to the words and hope it brings you some joy. Bridget wrote this song in April on the day they told us we were all going into an extended lockdown, but the song also represents a great personal triumph because Doug has not been so well and has persevered over these months and finally managed to finish the song this weekend! We are so grateful and proud of him!

Friends, we hope you love it and share “Lockdown Light” with whoever you can.

2 thoughts on “Lockdown Light

  1. You are an inspiration. I have shared you with my friends and family. I. Certain that all will gain from your words and songs.
    Bless you and your team.

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