Creating Space
for God
in Our Life

‘Learning to be present
in the present
in the presence of God
is the bridge
between a well-founded past
and a brighter, secure future.’

Bridget Tinniswood believes that this statement holds the key to joy, serenity and a sense of life-purpose.

The God of Ages is always present, but as humans we can only experience God in the present – in the moment; the here-and-now.
Our minds can too often dwell on the past,
or we may spend too much time worrying about the future,
so much so that we can easily miss the simplicity of being present in the present
and that God is fully present to us in this moment.

Bridget Tinniswood believes in us using our energy
to create ‘spaces’ to become increasingly aware
of God’s presence in the present –
whether that be a song, a prayer, a poem,
tending a garden, making a meal, or taking a walk –
even a simple conversation!

“The first verb in the entire Bible is the Hebrew word בָּרָא (pronounced baw-raw) which means to shape, form, fashion or create. The first thing we’re ever told about God is that He is creative. At the heart of the universe there is an aesthetic entity, a Maker of matter, a Being whose very nature is generous, innovative and intrinsically artistic” (Lectio, 365).

These moments of ‘presence’ can form a strong and life-giving bridge
between our past and future.

With four original gospel albums released –
and a fifth on its way –
Bridget longs to help people experience God’s presence in their lives
through her creative endeavours.

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Our Story


Bridget has been involved in education and ministry for thirty years and has considerable experience in worship leading and presentations, teaching, preaching, recording and writing.

She works closely with her partner and music producer, Douglas Hook. Douglas is a gifted musician and producer and runs his own recording studio, Hook Sound.

Bridget at the Journey Launch
Bridget Tinniswood presenting at the Journey launch

Bridget Tinniswood with one of the little members of the dance team at the Yes dress rehearsal
Douglas Hook setting up and overseeing the PA installation for the Yes launch

An essential member of the presentation team is Cath Helfrich. Cath runs the visuals and bookings for the productions – and you’ll find our contact details through Cath below.
Listen to the Joy, Joy, Joy track from Journey on Bridget’s YouTube Channel. Subscribe for more updates …

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Bridget, with Douglas as producer,
has four original albums and presentations available,
and a fifth in the creative pipeline.

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